6.22.22 Mediation Workshop

An hour of intentional time to rest and re-set your nervous system through meditation.

About this event

You walk in frustrated, drained, and deflated.

You walk out with your heart feeling more at peace, your body mushy like putty and you having the best sleep later that night.

 Creating beautiful spaces whether tangibly or energetically is what brings me to life and makes my heart happy. I seek to sit in community with beautiful souls, and create an environment where you feel into the rest you deserve. The rest that's found in allowing your nervous system a break and a switch off for a time.

 What to expect- a welcome, a chat, and then getting cozy while I guide you with verbal imagery through a mediation.

 What to bring-a yoga mat and a blanket

Cost- 30$

Location: The Barn @prettymoonmercantile

Date: Wednesday, June 22nd

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket for your comfort!

 Can’t wait to see you there!

With Love,


Time: 7-8pm

[Workshops have a 12 person max capacity]

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